Car 'two inches' from bungalow in near-miss crash

Car inches from bungalow in Laundry Lane

The car inches away from the Pearce's bungalow in Laundry Lane. - Credit: Martin Pearce

A sleeping man woke to find a car inches away from the front of his bungalow following a crash on the outskirts of Norwich.

Police, fire crews and the ambulance service attended a crash between a Vauxhall and a Skoda on the junction of Easton Avenue and Laundry Lane in Thorpe St Andrew on Thursday morning.

David Pearce, who lives on Laundry Lane, was asleep and woke up to a blue vehicle inches away from the front bedroom of the bungalow he shares with sons Martin and Ian.

Laundry Road, Thorpe St Andrew. Picture: DANIELLE BOODEN

Laundry Road, Thorpe St Andrew. Picture: DANIELLE BOODEN - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

Martin Pearce received a call from his brother saying a vehicle had almost hit the bungalow and was resting in their front garden.

Mr Pearce said: "Luckily for us the car missed the wall, it was about two inches away from going into my bedroom wall. My brother called me and I thought that couldn't be good and said a car had crashed into the house. 

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"We have been living here 20 years and it is the first time something like this has happened.

Damaged wall on Laundry Lane Thorpe St Andrew

Damage was caused to a neighbour's wall following the RTC on Laundry Lane - Credit: Martin Pearce

"The car crashed into the neighbours wall and flew over the top of it nearly straight into my bedroom. Dad was still asleep."

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Mr Pearce said he had concerns about speeding along Laundry Lane, which is where Thorpe St Andrews High School is.

He said: "If it had happened 20 minutes earlier there would have been school children and it would have been a whole other story. 

"The most important thing is everyone is okay."

Damage to a hedge on Laundry Lane

The Pearce family said the car was two inches from colliding with the front bedroom on the bungalow. - Credit: Martin Pearce

Police were called at 9.40am.

A police spokesman said: "One vehicle has collided with another parked car and wall of a property coming to rest in the garden. It looks like minor injuries at this stage and ambulance and fire also called. Recovery called for the vehicles."

Road closures were put in place on St Catherines Lane, Laundry Lane and Pound Lane.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service sent crews from Carrow and Sprowston to the scene to assist police.

Firefighters helped to make the scene safe and release occupants from the vehicles using hydraulic rescue equipment.

Laundry Road, Thorpe St Andrew. Picture: DANIELLE BOODEN

Laundry Road, Thorpe St Andrew. Picture: DANIELLE BOODEN - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

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