Council leaders earning more than 100k

Sarah HallCouncil leaders in Norfolk have defended the pay of top officers, after a survey showed a dozen in the county are on six-figure pay packages.Sarah Hall

Council leaders in Norfolk have defended the pay of top officers, after a survey showed a dozen in the county are on six-figure pay packages.

Norfolk County Council's chief executive David White is one of 31 local authority bosses earning more than the Prime Minister, according to right-wing pressure group The Taxpayers' Alliance.

Mr White was one of six council employees at County Hall who received more than �100,000, with The Taxpayers' Alliance saying his remuneration rose by 9.3pc from �193, 900 in 2007/8 to �212,000 - above Gordon Brown's �194,250 salary.

But Daniel Cox, leader of Norfolk Council Council, said: 'Our chief executive, David White, manages an organisation of some 28,000 staff that, among other things, provides life and limb public services to 860,000 Norfolk people, making our authority one of the biggest in the country. He is accountable for a total budget well in excess of �1.5bn.

'We believe his pay fairly reflects the skills and experience needed to successfully manage and lead such a complex and large organisation. Indeed, under his leadership, we have been rated a high performing council that manages its finances well.

'Equivalent jobs in the private sector would be paid considerably more, as pointed out in a recent story in The Times which stated 'Council chief executives are an easy target, but great value for money'.

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'We set salaries for all chief officers using external advice and taking into account a number of factors, including the complexity of the job, the going market rate and the fact that we are competing to attract top-class candidates from both the private and public sectors to come and work in Norfolk.

'We have launched a review of our management structure which we expect will save �1.8m a year and, for the current year, have announced that we intend to impose a pay freeze for all staff.'

Norwich City Council's chief executive Laura McGillivray was the only person at City Hall to receive more than �100.000.

Her remuneration went up from �124,646 to �130,101 (basic pay of �129,699 and �404.44 expenses).

Steve Morphew, leader of Norwich City Council, said: 'It's just as well Laura's pay is not measured on the basis of performance otherwise we would have to pay her a lot more than we do now.

'In addition, there are no hidden costs because she does not get anything like a company car and health insurance. What you see is what you get.'

The figures were obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act.

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Council officers paid more than �100,000:

Norfolk County Council chief executive David White up from �193, 900 in 2007/8 to �212,000.

Paul Adams, director of corporate resources and cultural services at Norfolk County Council - up from �122,800 to �139,900 (�132,800 salary and �7,100 performance related pay).

Lisa Christensen, director of children's services at County Hall - up from �141,900 to �144,100 (�135,500 salary and �7,900 performance related pay).

Harold Bodmer, County Hall's director of adult social services - up from �114,700 to �123,900.

Mike Jackson, the county council's director of planning and transportation - up from �111,600 to �120,800.

Norfolk's chief fire officer and director of community protection Richard Elliott - up from �105,000 to �119,600 (salary of �133,600 and performance related pay of �6,000).

Norwich City Council chief executive Laura McGillivray - up from �124,646 to �130,101 (basic pay of �129,699 and �404.44 expenses).

Geoff Rivers, former chief executive at South Norfolk Council. He received �113,226 in 2007/8 before his departure. The statistics compiled by the Taxpayers Alliance did not show figures for his replacement Sandra Dineen.

The remuneration of Colin Bland, chief executive of Broadland District Council, went down. It fell from �110,086 to �108,359.

Philip Burton, chief executive of North Norfolk District Council, went from �112,303 to �115,956 (salary of �107,882 and car alternative allowance of �8,073).