Costessey OAP left without hot water for 18 months

A Costessey pensioner who has been left without hot water for 18 months has been told by the heating company supposed to be replacing her boiler that she will have another six-month wait because the scheme is so popular.

Janet Hanner, 71, who lives on Gunton Lane, first called the Warm Front government-funded scheme in July 2009 and was told that it may take up to six months for work to be completed.

When she had not heard anything from the company by February 2010, she phoned them again and was told there was no record of her initial call.

She registered again and accepted that the work may take up to six months to complete from that date, but had still not heard anything from the company by the beginning of October.

When she called back, she was told that the work is now unlikely to be completed before March, because of the popularity of the scheme. The mother-of-three and grandmother-of-five, who lives on her own, said: 'I wanted to apply to the scheme because I couldn't afford to get myself a new boiler, and this said it was for old people.

'I have a bad back and have to go round to one of my sons' houses to have a bath, and I have no hot water for washing up either.

'It's a nightmare. I have been passed from pillar to post.'

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Fortunately, Mrs Hanner's heating still works because that part of the boiler is not broken.

A Warm Front spokesperson said: 'While Mrs Hanner originally contacted Warm Front prior to 2010, our records show that the first official application was not made until February 2010.

'The appointed contractor has recently been in contact with Mrs Hanner to confirm an appointment for a technical inspection early next week. This is the final process before an installation date can be scheduled.

'Because the scheme is so popular and because there are limited funding levels, there are waiting times for installation and repair work. At times of high demand, waiting times can be longer. We advise our customers about this at the outset and ensure they understand the situation.'

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