Costessey children given lesson in Zumba

With jumping, stretching and dancing to a lively music track, its the fitness activity that seems to be catching the imagine of people across the nation.

And on Friday a group of children in Queen's Hill were given the chance to experience their own version of the fitness craze Zumba.

The children at Queen's Hill Primary and Nursery School, in Fieldfare Way, stayed behind after school on Friday to try their hand at the workout ZumbAtomic, under the instruction of Frankie Craske.

She said: 'They all enjoyed it immensely. In fact a couple asked if they could do it again next week, which was quite sweet.'

She added: 'You could see they got more confident as the sessions went on. They got involved in a few games and took it in turns to do it on their own and then copy each other.'

Frankie, who is a dance and fitness trainer who has worked with adult and children around the city for 10 years, said that the group enjoyed doing an activity they had seen their relatives doing.

She said: 'A lot of their parents go to Zumba but I don't think they are aware of this. It is nice for the children to do something they have seen their older brothers and sisters, parents or even grandparents do, and then be able to go home and show them what they have been doing themselves.'

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In the new year Frankie will begin offering weekly classes of ZumbAtomic for children aged seven and over.

The class starts on Tuesday, January 10 and will be held from 4.30-5.15pm at The Costessey Centre, in Longwater Lane.

For more details call 07968 751481 or visit

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