Cost of getting a taxi in Norwich likely to go up for 2018

The cost of getting a taxi in Norwich could be about to go up for the first time in four years. Pict

The cost of getting a taxi in Norwich could be about to go up for the first time in four years. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

The cost of catching a taxi in Norwich looks set to increase for the first time in four years.

Proposals to increase hackney carriage fares - the taxis which can be flagged down or caught in a taxi rank - has been lodged with Norwich City Council.

The proposal, for the first increase since 2014, would not see the existing four tariff structures (day, evenings, Sundays and nights and Christmas and New Year) changed.

But prices would be pushed up because of a reduction in the distance travelled before charges are made.

For example, at the moment, the day rate (between 6am and 6pm) is charged at £3 for the first 40 yards, then 20p for the next 205 yards. While the initial £3 for 40 yards would not change, the proposal is for 20p for the next 194 yards - 11 yards less than at present.

Under that tariff, a journey of three miles which currently costs £8.20 would go up to £8.60 (not including any waiting time) - an increase of 4.88pc.

The Norwich Station Taxi Association, which lodged the request for increases on behalf of all the city's hackney carriages, said in their submission they were seeking a 'modest' increase.

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They highlighted how there had been no request for an increase since 2013 and said: 'We propose simple adjustments to the present approved yardages to achieve an increase in the region of 3.6pc for all tariffs,

'No increase is sought for waiting times, which reduces the overall value of the increase package.'

A spokeswoman for Norwich City Council said: 'We have received an application from the Norwich Station Taxi Association requesting an increase to the current hackney carriage fares.

'The proposed increase is subject to consideration of any objections received before Sunday, December 17 and will not come into effect before Monday, January 1.'

All hackney carriages licensed by the city council are wheelchair accessible. The council said they provide an alternative to other forms of public transport which may not be readily available or accessible.

The increases would apply only to licensed hackney carriages. Private hire vehicles - which must be pre-booked - are not subject to council control.

Prices for them should be agreed when they are booked.

What are the proposals?

Tariff 1 (Day rate 6am to 6pm)

Present: £3 for first 40 yards, then 20p per 205 yards.

Proposed: £3 for first 40 yards, then 20p per 194 yards.

Tariff 2 (Evening 6pm to 11pm)

Present: £3.20 for first 40 yards, then 20p per 191 yards

Proposed: £3.20 for first 40 yards, then 20p per 181 yards

Tariff 3 (Sunday rate and night rate 11pm to 6am)

Present: £3.40 for first 90 yards, then 20p per 178 yards

Proposed: £3.40 for first 70 yards, then 30p per 169 yards

Tariff 4 (Christmas and New Year)

Present and proposed: £5.40 for first 90 yards, then 20 per 147 yards.

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