Residents' anger at Deliveroo motorcycle drivers using pavement shortcut

Deliveroo driver in Rupert Street Norwich

A resident took a photo of a Deliveroo driver on May 7 as they drove though the pedestrianised area of Rupert Street. - Credit: Submitted

Delivery drivers are being warned to "stick to the law" by frustrated Norwich residents looking to stop motorbikes using pedestrianised streets. 

Residents in Rupert Street, Norwich, have said motorbike couriers are cutting across the road, prompting safety concerns for young children and wheelchair users in the area. 

One resident, who wished not to be named, reported the latest incident on Friday evening after a Deliveroo rider "zoomed" down the pedestrianised area.

He said: "I sent an email and they said they will look into it in 48 hours. Why not earlier? It's dangerous driving."

The resident said it is the third time since last June that he has reported the concerns.

Deliveroo claim drivers are told to "obey the rules of the road".

But a second resident said the one-way system around the area could be dangerous for motorbike and push bike riders as they were travelling in the opposite direction, before adding: "For me personally, having someone who is a wheelchair user you do not expect someone zooming on a motorbike behind you." 

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A resident who has lived in the road for 32 years, said: "They are predominantly Deliveroo that we see. It's been going on for a few years.

"You do not want to think do we have to watch out for motorbikes." 

Norfolk County Councillor Emma Corlett, who represents Town Close, has raised the matter with Deliveroo. 

She said: "It's definitely been getting worse. 

"It's for safety reasons. It's illegal.

"They need to stick to the law, not driving motorbikes through pedestrianised areas. 

"Residents have said it's been getting worse and I have seen it myself as I live in the area. 

"They fly round the corner really quickly. They could encounter young children who are outside on their scooters. There is support housing as well and we have a number of wheelchair users and it is making it really unsafe for them."

A resident in Goldwell Road, who also did not want to be named, said it was common for delivery drivers from different organisations to cut through the pedestrianised area. 

They said: "It can be any time of the day. You hear the bikes go up and down. 

"They could hurt somebody."

In response to an email from a resident sent on May 7, Deliveroo said all riders complete a course in road safety training before riding with the company.

The response said: "Beyond this, all Deliveroo riders are given extra guidance to help make sure they're focused on road safety whenever they work with us.

"We expect all Deliveroo riders to obey the rules of the road.

"Your feedback informs the work our Rider Engagement Team do to make sure that we reinforce the importance of safety at all times when working with Deliveroo."

Deliveroo was approached for comment.