Competitors up the wall in a flash at Norwich climbing festival

The Big Flash Climbing Festival 2014 at Highball Climbing Centre in Norwich, which raised money for

The Big Flash Climbing Festival 2014 at Highball Climbing Centre in Norwich, which raised money for Climbers Against Cancer and the GB Climbing Team. Photo: Chris Ridley - Credit: Chris Ridley

A climbing competition, which saw more than 750 visitors, has raised almost £3,330 which will be split between two charities.

The Big Flash, held at Highball Climbing Centre on Twickenham Road, is a free, three-day climbing festival and competition based around The Flash Championship – a bouldering competition unique to East Anglia and open to climbers from across the world.

The festival offered three competitions for different skill levels and ages.

Nukids on the Bloc, an entry level competition for juniors and adults, had 150 entrants.

The Dyno Comp was held on a speciality wall in the car park, where competitors had to jump between two holds which get moved 2.5cm further apart each round.

And the Flash Championship, a world cup format bouldering competition, saw 120 entrants take part and over 250 spectators for Sunday's grand final.

The Flash is the first major Climbing competition to be held in East Anglia and attracted some of the best British climbers and current members of the GB Climbing Team, including current British male bouldering champion Dave Barrans and former British female champion Katy Whittaker.

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Mike Surtees, climbing director at Highball, said: 'Our mission is to provide world class climbing facilities where people of all ages and abilities can come together to learn and improve.

'This year's festival has shown that we have one of the best competition venues in the country, despite not having any natural rock for miles.

'We also have a very strong climbing scene. We hope this event can go on to become one of the country's major climbing events, inspiring children and adults alike to take up a sport showing consistent growth.'

The money raised will be split between the charity Climbers Against Cancer and the GB climbing team.

Mr Surtees added: 'From my point of view, the festival was a huge success.

'Not only did we raise a great sum of money for two very good causes, but we showcased our venue and facilities to some of the best British climbing athletes.'

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