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Comments of the week

Comments of the week - Credit: Archant

Every week we look back at the biggest story which got you talking, and highlight a few comments that stood out to us

This week it was the story about Grant Holt leaving his decision on his Norwich City future in the hands of others. This story received a total of 68 comments, and here are just a few which stood out.

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An impossible decision. Ultimately I think the GH era (and what an era it has been, we can't underestimate what he has done for us) is over. Becchio will do everything that GH does and is a few years younger. Workrate is all well and good but that is clearly a declining feature of his game. GH in the Premier league is been butt of many jokes and for the most part I have tried to defend him, that is becoming more difficult these days and we need to be looking at superior options to play alongside RVW. An incredible servant and captain and a top bloke, if he stays I cannot foresee anything other than cup games for him, if he goes I'd love to see him knocking the goals in elsewhere.


To suggest that the decision to leave is in the hands of others is a cute move by GH and clearly aimed at trying to keep the fans 'onside'. It's a remarkable turnaround from the misguided, error strewn tweet of last summer, but in these days where player power is everything, it will ultimately be Holt who decides whether he stays or goes. Watch this space.


Well worded Gavin but the other role Grant fills is that of Captain and his influence in the dressing room is important. He would also be a good impact player from the bench or used to soften up defences for the first 60 minutes before making way for fresh legs to do the damage. Whatever happens, 'The Holt Years' rank with 'The Drinkell Years' of twenty years ago for excitement and achievement and we must salute Grant for all he has done.


Grant Holt has been an absolute legend and we would not where we are today without him. Unfortunately what he did 2 or 3 years ago is irrelevant for next season and I do not think he will be here. He is not good enough for a lone striker role (too slow and immobile). I think he will move on. Before you moan at this post from me ask yourself this. In all honesty which other premier league team would he get in now?? If he leaves he will still always be a legend at our club.


Glad the decision isn't mine as I simply do not know what is for the best. All depends on the system we play to next year I suspect. RVW, Becchio, Holt + 1 other - someone quick to run off the others with a track record of scoring may be the way forward. I suspect someone else will be brought in and that may mean a decision between Holt and Jackson on who stays... And then there aer the Murphy's - other PL teams play 17 year olds...


I agree with your point on the header against WBA Lobbo, the GH of old would have gobbled that one up, he has not looked as sharp in front of goal this season despite fewer chances. However I still think he could be a valuable squad memeber: last year he scored a few goals coming on as sub and to me looked more hungry not being guaranteed a starting place in the team, we seem to have forgotten all those games PL started with just Morrison up front. He's been a fantastic servant and captain for the club and I hope we keep him on but I feel it may ultimately come down to whether he his prepared to play fewer minutes.OTBC


I hope he is still here next season, and gets the chance he's earned to play with RVW and see how many goals they can bang in, but am I the only one who has read what he said there? The paragraph containing: 'They can build again....' ... sounds a little past-tense to me... :(