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Chris Hughton admitted that his calm exterior disguised the inner turmoil that goes with the job. Pi

Chris Hughton admitted that his calm exterior disguised the inner turmoil that goes with the job. Picture: Paul Chesterton / Focus Images - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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This week the most commented story was Chris Hughton revealing that Norwich City's battle for survival is giving him sleepless nights. Here are just a few of the comments which stood out.

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Big Ben NCFC

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'We're in a battle, we know that...' Then why are you not doing something about it?


You too eh Chris..? I had a nightmare we were fighting for survival in a game last night. Strangely, we were wearing a Kings Lynn style yellow + blue strip. Woke up @ 5am + couldn't get back to sleep again.I'm taking this rubbish far too seriously. I live about 30 mins drive from Old Trafford. Why oh why didn't I support Man United when I was a kid ? Would've done wonders for my blood pressure. Hughton if you'd failed whilst playing open,entertaining football we'd probly have forgiven you a relegation. As it is, you're about to be consigned to history + be classed alongside Roeder + Grant. You have 2 games to save us mate......

Barking Wise

Massively disappointed with the imminent relegation, but not really shocked. Been predicting it since January. The Villa defeat was written in the stars: a team on a roll, a manager with a grudge and a noisy fan base. None of these things can be said about West Brom. What they do have however is a genuine strike force in Lukaku and Long. Norwich don't have the players for the Premiership and they will be relying on grit, determination and passion to get even a point from West Brom. Sadly, to rekindle that passion after the humiliation of Wigan, Stoke and Villa requires a manager who can inspire. Lambert is inspirational, Hughton is not. And why should Hughton even bother to lift the players? He must know by now that he's going to be sacked and that if he stays next season he will become a Steve Kean type target of derision and that Norwich, like Blackburn, will be lucky to avoid the 'double-dip' relegation experienced by Wolves. Still, full marks to the eternal optimists. Their postings represent a triumph of hope over experience.


Come on guys give Hoots a break, the man has got it sussed! Wigan play Swansea, Arsenal and Villa, he knows they will lose them all. We lose to WBA and on the last day of the season beat Man. City!!! The man is a tactician!!!


What I don't get is how people seem to assume that IF we stay up, things will be much better next season because we will have more money to buy players. Am I wrong, or does every team in the prem get more money next season, or just Norwich? Surely the same players will just get more expensive and demand bigger salaries, our relative position will not have changed one bit.


Sussex Yellow , that comment was spot on about next years money should we stay up , if we dont there will be no RVW in Championship , its true a partial payment has been paid however he has not officially signed until July 1st.


It seems that the majority of postings are from ardent Norwich City supporters keen to see the team perform well and achieve good results. However, the Hughton supporters are now few and far between. There's no doubt that even if they avoid relegation Hughton has not made a success of the job and he has to go. Some say he will have done the job by keeping uns in the premiership and in some ways that is true but can anyone really support him in the job for another season playing the same way. If they do survive I certainly wouldn't want him in charge of the imminent transfers into the club - think Becchio and Kamara. His so called coaching team are worse - Calderwood has a history of failure and Trollope has risen from the depths at Bristol Rovers. I plead with the board to get rid of this lot as soon as possible after the seasons end. It's time for a new team with a fresh approach new ideas and some passion.


As has been said, we are given a straw to clutch. What we MUST learn from this if we stay up that we must identify the likely teams for relagation at the start of the season and they become 'must wins'. It's the only opportunity we have to do thm damage. Now we also see the damage of losing conrol of your goal difference.