Comments of the week

Comments of the week

Comments of the week - Credit: Archant

Every week we look back at some of the biggest stories that got you talking and highlight a few comments that stood out to us.

This weeks big story that had you all talking was the change in Norwich's road layout, which would mean that St Stephens would ban cars. Here are just some of the comments:


'Pedestrianisation? I think I'm missing something here. How is turning St Stephens into a giant bus station and taxi rank going to help pedestrians? Isn't Castle Meadow huge enough? As others are saying, there are always a sea of buses gridlocking St Stephens. Not cars. It will be no safer after the scheme starts than it is now. Oh, and pedestrians. When you do stroll along between the buses, please also beware of taxis making constant unlawful U-turns !'

Andy T

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'Why can't they just open up Castle Meadow. You could then cut down St Stephens and straight through the City.'


'Before cars the city was full of horses, you need transport to get trade. Thats how and why townscitys are formed on trade, no trade no city.'

Carol Bolton

'I don't have a problem with St Stephens being pedestrianised, but they should do it properly as in other towns and make that emergency vehicle access only. There's a perfectly good bus station next door, so why can't they all go there? They could use the little 'drop off' parking area on Queens Road as a taxi rank, as they did in the 'old days'. I do think they need to look at the one way system though. These changes can only create a serious bottleneck effect in Westlegate, especially if Castle Meadow remains closed to normal traffic. It's bad enough now, and will be much worse with all the extra traffic being pushed through from Queens Road. I drive up Rose Lane then around to All Saints Green every night as that's the only way through the one way system and out of the city from the car park I use daily, so I do know what it's like. And the reason I drive to and from work is because it's cheaper for me to do that and pay less than £20.00 a week for parking fees, than to use public transport and pay over £35 for bus fares, and have the inconvenience of waiting around in all weathers when they don't run on time or at all!!'


'Wonderful move and long overdue. City centres thrived before cars became king, reducing the noise, pollution and hazards cars produce the city centre will begin to thrive again.'


'Great more traffic forced onto other roads causing more gridlock turning the centre of Norwich into a bus station'


'Another nail in the coffin of 'city centre' shopping!'


'Terrible news and Im frankly amazed this got funding. This wont fix a thing, just move the problem elsewhere. There is no master strategy, the council luches from one change to the next with no end goal. What a complete waste of money.'

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the story with their opinions and thoughts.

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