Comments of the week

Comments of the week

Comments of the week - Credit: Archant

Every week we look back at some of the biggest stories that got you talking and highlight a view comments that stood out to us.

This weeks big story that had you all talking was the apparent sighting of a 'panther' in Norwich. Here are just some of the comments:

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Robert West

'There isn't a specific animal called a panther.They are Black Leopards. The word 'panther' is Greek for 'wild beast''

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'Knew it wouldnt take long for the EN24 Pedantic Brigade to comment'

d, west lynn

'They sure it just wasn't yet another cat-fight in county hall?'

Police Commissioner ???

'Considering the security record at county hall, lucky it wasn't the pink panther.'


'on saturday 16thg of february about 7pm i was driving back from diss i turned off the roundabout at harford bridges towards tesco i saw a large black panther trot across the road about 50 yards in front of the car in to the field and i have no doubt shape size and long tail it was a panther i emailed the police and 2 web sites for reporting sightings of big cats had no reply from either people think you are mad but i have no doubt of what i saw.'


'I understand there are quite a few cougars in Lakenham, which is but yards away...'

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the story with their opinions and thoughts.

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