Coloured jeans flood into Norwich shops this Spring and Summer

The hottest way for men and women to stay cool this spring and summer is by investing in a pair of coloured trousers, says Emma Harrowing.

Last summer chinos invaded the high street with their '90s-style beige and khaki easy-to-wear style. Fast-forward 12 months and the chino is back, ready for men and women to pull on, roll up the bottoms to reveal the ankle and wear with a T-shirt, vest top or blouse.

However, this season the chino has had a bit of a makeover. Trousers have banished the drab beige and instead are riding the rainbow nu-wave of blue, pinks and reds.

And it doesn't stop at chinos – jeans, palazzo pants and shorts are also sporting the bright colour trend.

So how do you wear this dazzling array of colour?

Catwalk kings and queens will embrace this look by wearing a pair of coloured trousers or shorts with a clashing coloured top. Think electric blue with bright emerald green or fuchsia pink with tangerine orange, and perhaps wear another bright colour on a belt and shoes for good measure.

Coloured jeans and chinos should be worn rolled up to reveal the ankle, just as they were last year, and worn with canvas plimsolls or espadrilles – with the option of heels or pumps for women. Accessorise with a pair of '50s retro-style sunglasses.

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For fashion wallflowers wear bright-coloured trousers with a white, black, navy or beige top and shoes. This will tone down the bright colour and make coloured trousers easier to wear. Alternatively, choose a pair of trousers or jeans in a more subdued shade such as a washed-out red, which have a vintage feel to them or a pair of pastel-coloured jeans – the antidote to bright colours this season.

Darker, brighter-coloured trousers can, however, last you through to winter as the colour trend is tipped to continue through to the end of the year and even into next year. So maybe it's wise to take a deep breath and take the plunge now into bright-coloured trousers.

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