Opinion: Colin’s Britain’s Got Talent success is worth praise - so keep moans to yourself

Norfolk's Colin Thackery appears on Britain's Got Talent (C) ITV

Norfolk's Colin Thackery appears on Britain's Got Talent (C) ITV - Credit: ITV

Most of us will know of people who always seem to say the right word at the right time; offer praise and admiration for a deed well done or just show their happiness at someone else's good fortune or success.

I am fairly certain that most of us endeavour to be this way, whenever the opportunity arises and I am happy to say that most of my acquaintances fall into this category.

However, there always has to be two sides to everything and sadly, I have come across several who fall into the opposite category too; those I call the 'bubble bursters' or 'balloon piercers,' who seem to permanently walk around, holding an imaginary huge 'pin' (i.e. negative or wounding comments) with which they may readily dispel any joy, happiness or sense of achievement that others may have gained, just as swiftly as deflating a balloon.

A couple of weeks ago much was written in the newspapers regarding the 89-year-old Chelsea Pensioner, Colin Thackery, who appeared on Britain's Got Talent on May 11, dedicating his rendition of 'The Wind Beneath My Wings' to his beloved late wife.

Before moving to Chelsea, Colin lived in Norfolk for many years and he is a very dear friend of ours.

He is not only an Army Veteran and a Chelsea Pensioner, he is a true gentleman and it is both an honour and a privilege to have him in our lives.

On the Sunday following his appearance on TV (which, incidentally, was incredibly moving and tear-jerking,) we were thrilled to read thousands of complimentary messages on social media regarding his performance.

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Tributes came in to him from all areas of the country.

Except for one vitriolic outburst from a person who could not find anything good to say about him or his audition; stating he was boring, not a great singer and only out to get sympathy votes with his sob story and so on, in a tirade of nasty comments.

This was not intended to be a sob story.

He was merely speaking the truth and explaining why he was singing that particular song. Hundreds of contestants have done the same thing in past shows.

I respect this person's freedom of speech and I have tried to analyse this objectively but surely, whatever else this was, here was an elderly gentleman, who had waited through hours of auditions, performing in front of hundreds of people on National Television.

Couldn't she just have admired him for that reason alone?

The same thing happened to my husband last year when he was awarded a BEM.

Our grandsons, who were extremely proud, posted a congratulatory message on Facebook and many other wonderful messages followed.

One person just had to come along then and write some sarcastic comment, (though we didn't let it burst our bubble;) and my son (in Australia) promptly responded, (in no uncertain terms,) as it appeared that she did not even seem to fully understand why these honours are awarded.

What is to be gained in these instances for either party?

How does it make a person feel good to rain on another's parade, as it were?

And so, to those who feel they have to vent their negativity onto the world and even whilst they, of course, have every right to their opinions, for future reference, I would like to offer them one of mine.

'If you cannot find anything nice to say - then perhaps, it is better to say nothing at all!'

Colin appears on BGT again on May 29 when your votes will be hugely welcomed. Thank you.