Coldest winter for 30 years - but the worst seems to be over

Matthew SparkesAverage temperatures hovered just above freezing this winter - making it the coldest on record for 30 years.Matthew Sparkes

Average temperatures hovered just above freezing this winter - making it the coldest on record for 30 years.

During December, January and February the average temperature in the UK was just 1.5C, making it the coldest since 1978/79.

But despite this, Norfolk escaped the very harshest conditions recorded in England, including the lowest recorded temperature.

This dubious honour fell to the Benson in Oxfordshire, which was subjected to a brutal -17.7c on January 8.

Although temperatures are now rising in Norfolk, the weather remains problematic.

In the county a weekend of wet weather resulted in several homes being flooded, but drier weather is expected over the coming days, according to weather experts.

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Several homes in Norfolk were flooded on Sunday following torrential rain. Fire officers were called to homes in Loddon, Swaffham, King's Lynn and Fakenham at various points of the day to attend to flooded properties.

But the wet weather - which saw the Environment Agency put 26 flood warnings in place in East Anglia - is now expected to give way to a drier spell over the next week or so at least.

Jim Bacon, a forecaster with WeatherQuest, based at the University of East Anglia, said: 'It was an exceptionally wet weekend overall with showery stuff on Saturday and more persistent rain on Saturday night and Sunday.

'But it looks like we're in, pretty much, for a dry week. There's just a chance of getting a touch of rain on the east coast on the later part of Friday.'

The UK escaped the 87mph winds which lashed parts of Spain, Portugal and France, killing at least 50 people.

The worst winds reported in Britain reached 40 to 50mph in parts of Kent and East Anglia, with central England also badly hit. In the Isle of Wight, 25mm (1in) of rainfall was recorded.

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