Cobbles finally replaced in historic Norwich street

The saga of the missing cobbles in one of Norwich's most historic streets appears to have been resolved - after work was carried out to try to restore the street to its former glory.

Cobbles in Elm Hill were dug up in the summer to allow a new substation to be installed nearby, but when workers went to replace the cobbles it was discovered many had gone missing.

EDF Energy, the company which employed contractors to carry out the work, used asphalt to plug gaps between the stones and then came under fire from shopkeepers for the quality of the stones it used to replace the missing cobbles.

The electricity company and Norwich City Council met to thrash out ways to make good the work and over the last month the street was shut from Saturday night until Monday morning over a number of weekends so they could improve the street.

A spokeswoman for EDF Energy said: 'Our contractor has now used cobble stones in line with an agreement reached between the council and ourselves.

'All the materials used were carefully sourced and chosen, to help ensure an aged appearance similar to the original road surface.

'This included using a fine grain sand, which was added to the 'binder' between the cobbles to help the surface look aged.

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'EDF Energy Networks wants to be a good neighbour and help the communities in which we operate, so we carried out this work at weekends to minimise disruption. We would like to thank customers in the area for their patience throughout.

A spokeswoman for Norwich City Council said the council would continue inspections and monitor the situation in line with its legal obligations.'

Sue Skipper, who runs the Britons Arms coffee shop and restaurant in Elm Hill with her sister Gilly Mixer, said: 'They did work really hard not to inconvenience people and it is better than it was. The cobbles themselves look fine, although they used some sort of residue substance to make them look old, which has been trodden into our building.'

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