City traffic is a badge of shame

Roadworks in Norwich. Picture: Denise Bradley

Roadworks in Norwich. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

Whenever Norwich finishes in the top 10 in a national survey I feel sure the city council review it to include in promotional literature and puff themselves up with pride as it reflects on their handling of matters.

Unfortunately Norwich has now achieved seventh place for cities with the slowest speed of traffic in figures released by Satrak. Readers will have little difficulty in identifying the city council policies responsible for this badge of shame, which is unlikely to appear in promotional material for the city.

The impending closure of Prince of Wales Road to general traffic will doubtlessly help move us the wrong way in the table and also help confirm the Rose Lane car park as a literal and figurative white elephant.

Figures obtained under freedom of information show a poor take up of the spaces available there presently, which can only be worsened by making it virtually impossible to gain access to it and leave by the same route into the city if Prince of Wales Road is closed to general traffic. Arrivals over Foundry Bridge will not be able to depart that way. Arrival from Tombland and Bank Plain will not be possible but departures to them will be.

Readers resident in Norwich have the opportunity in the next few weeks to mention the city's traffic policy to those canvassing for votes and the amazing power of the stubby pencil (as shown by Brexit) on May 4 to remove those seeking re-election who have happily rubber stamped the present situation we have reached.

G P Brown, Bowthorpe Road, Norwich.