City of Stories fiction: Reunion by Clare Fielder

Cinema City, Norwich.

Cinema City, Norwich. - Credit: Archant

Each week a Norwich writer has submitted a piece of original fiction to accompany the City of Stories theme. This week's is called Reunion, and is written by Clare Fielder.

We leave Cinema City through the bar. It's crowded, but the high ceiling and the plants strung with fairy lights make it feel spacious, like we're already outdoors. I hold onto the hem of Jonathan's coat as he cuts a path through the mass of people, only letting go when we step out into the night air. I take a few deep breaths. I love the city like this, in the damp winter months when the cobblestones are laced with frost and the soft glow of streetlamps turns the gutters and the shop fronts golden.

'Drink?' says Jonathan.

'Lead the way.'

We start walking up the narrow street. Jonathan whistles faintly. I don't know what to say to him.

We pass The Wild Man, windows slightly steamed. It looks warm and safe. Jonathan, Peter and I used to go there as students, enjoying being the youngest patrons, having free reign over the jukebox. Jonathan nods at it as we walk past.

'They've redecorated,' he says.

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'I haven't been in.'

'It looks nice.'

But he keeps walking and I'm grateful.

When we reach Pottergate I suggest The Birdcage, but there's a blackboard sign outside saying it's Open Mic Night and Jonathan says he can't face it.

'You used to love an open mic night,' I say.