City medium is poised to become European TV star

A Norwich medium could become a European star after he was chosen to front a new psychic interactive show live on digital television from Berlin.

Dominic Zenden, 48, has been a spiritualist medium for nearly 30 years and has published books on the paranormal.

His new show can be watched on Sky channel 649 and Virgin Media channel 742 and is aired every night from 10pm to 1am.

He said: 'It comes live from the Astro TV studios in Berlin, which seems to be the psychic channel for Europe. It gets aired right across Eastern Europe and you can dial from the UK on 0901 3282828 to speak to me on the show.

'This is the launch of it and eventually it will be on another satellite channel and be full-time. I will be based in Germany for two weeks and then come back to the UK for two weeks, and it will carry on like that. Callers can speak to me about the paranormal and past life experiences and other stuff and we will be using horoscopes and Tarot cards.'

It is a busy time for Mr Zenden, who still lives in the Norwich area, as his second book deal 'Voices in the Air' is also about to be launched.

The Evening News has reported that Mr Zenden in the past helped uncover the ghostly history of Norwich hair salon Trends in St Augustine's, which is said to be haunted. He visited and felt the presence of Flemish weavers making baskets in one room and fire bomb damage in another.

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Last year Mr Zenden was forced to try to find another venue for a show after being refused permission to hold the event at a Norwich church hall despite having booked it the previous year.

He had been hoping to hold a spiritualist evening at Christ Church Hall on Magdalen Road, but was told he could not because he was a spiritualist.

He says one of his strangest experiences was a telephone conversation with a man who he later discovered had already died.

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