City folk booking their 'bucket list' holidays amid travel changes

Travel agents such as Oyster Travel and Premier Travel have seen increases in the amount of 'bucket list' booked

Travel agents such as Oyster Travel and Premier Travel have seen increases in the amount of 'bucket list' type holidays being booked - Credit: Getty/OysterTravel/PremierTravel

People in the city are booking their "bucket list" getaways in their droves - and some are even booking handfuls of holidays in one day. 

Sun seekers are definitely making up for lost time, travel agents in Norwich have said. 

Vicky Samwell of Oyster Travel in Old Catton explained: "People want something to look forward to having not been able to travel for a while. 

“We are definitely finding that more of our customers are wanting to do more of the ‘bucket list’ type holidays.

"I recently booked a customer four holidays in one day, all for next year, they were very excited. It was so lovely to see and be a part of that again.

"We’re also booking a lot of families and groups for next year. We’ve even had enquiries for 2023."

Not only that, customers are spending more and travelling further, she added. 

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With this being said, the availability for such holidays is much slimmer than usual with some destinations still having restrictions in place.

She advised: “I’d certainly recommend booking a holiday for next year sooner rather than later.

Vicky Samwell, Manager at Oyster Travel in Old Catton 

Vicky Samwell, manager at Oyster Travel in Old Catton - Credit: Vicky Samwell

“A lot of the tour operators also have excellent offers for holidays this year for anyone that is thinking they might want to get away for some much-needed winter sun” 

Emma Davison, branch manager at Premier Travel in Bedford Street said that many clients have manged to save money during the pandemic.

Emma Davison, Brand Manager at Premier Travel on Bedford Street in NR2

Emma Davison, brand manager at Premier Travel in Bedford Street in NR2 - Credit: Emma Davison


As a result they are now in a position to splash out or spend more than normal.  

“We are seeing more people booking what we would call 'bucket list' holidays - the once-in-a-lifetime trips. 

“For example, exploring the Canadian Rockies, doing America's Route 66, New York, Cuba, Florida, the Northern Lights, Caribbean and transatlantic cruises.” 

She added: "Pre Covid we had seen an increase in multi-generational travel which would generally be grandparents, parents, and their children (and even aunties, uncles and cousins) spending time together in a holiday destination.

"We are seeing these bookings increase again further for 2022/2023 as so many more people have not had chance to see each other at all or as much due to the pandemic."