City college student talks about her experience as a security guard at the Olympics

City College student Nichola Brunelli talks of her time as a security guard at the Olympics as a 'crazy whirl wind', and here she tells her story.

'As the Paralympics open today, reflecting on the Olympics is needed. I know I am the least intimidating security guard you would find at the Olympics, and admittedly in the run up to the games I was convinced I would be the only girl there and that the Olympics would be one big anti-climax.

'But I was wrong - I was surrounded by girls, and I was watching the Olympics like my life depended on it.

'The atmosphere at the accommodation and the venues was electrifying. People would be passing round the news that team GB had won another gold like it was a game of Chinese whispers.

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'I was shocked that everyone and anyone would talk to you about the Olympics on the tub, just because you were wearing the fluorescent green uniform amd living in the accommodation I met people who I worked with when I was doing the torch relay back in Norwich.

'A memory which will stick with me was when a friend and I were on the tube when a few stops from Stratford an old man gets on the train and starts talking to my friend and myself.

'It turns out this man was Yury Titov, a Russian former-gymnast, and now an official for the Olympics.

'I found the closing ceremony was a real highlight.

'I was working the event and was stationed at a position where the athletes would walk by on their way from the village to the stadium.

'The music was blasted through the park and half way through the ceremony the athletes began their procession to the stadium. Lead by a few game makers the British athletes came first. Leading the first group was Rebecca Adlington.

'It was strange to see the athletes coming up in small groups and mixed within other athletes; but the unity was amazing. I have never seen something bring so many people together in one event

'With the Paralympics starting tonight, I am just hoping that the experience will be just as great and inspiring.'