Christmas spirit starts early as widow plans to spend her Christmas with those who feel alone

Rosemary Brown from Taverham is looking for help to hold a Christmas day lunch for people who are al

Rosemary Brown from Taverham is looking for help to hold a Christmas day lunch for people who are alone. Pictured at Hinks Meadow community hall where the lunch will be held.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

The spirit of Christmas has started early, as a widow has pledged to share her Christmas with twenty strangers in her community, so they won't have to spend Christmas day alone.

Rosemary Brown, of Hedgemere, Taverham has obtained the free use of Hinks Meadow Hall in Taverham, where her family will cook and provide entertainment to those that otherwise would spend the day by themselves.

Mrs Brown, said: 'I was watching news reports over Christmas about people who spending their Christmas holidays alone and felt isolated with nobody around them.

'I thought that it was such a pity as Christmas is a day you should enjoy in the company of your loved ones, and so thought it would be really nice to do something where we could get people together and a create a really homely friendly Christmas atmosphere, where people don't spend the day alone.

'I told my children about the idea and they were very positive, and me and my son Andy are starting to make preparations to get everything in order, which could take a year.'

Mrs Brown has two avenues of transport for those who would attend the meal. They have gained the help of local charity Door to Door, who will take people to and from the venue.

Her youngest of three sons, Andy Brown, works as a taxi driver and has also offered to help with transportation.

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However, the family need support to make sure that the day definitely goes ahead. Mrs Brown is looking to get donations and pledges to get assistance with the Christmas meal, presents, Christmas tree and decorations.

She said: 'We are not going to charge people that we invite as that is not what this is all about. We want to make the event inclusive by keeping the costs to participants as low as possible.

'The day should be made as relaxing and as a pleasurable experience as possible, without turning people away because of costs.'

If you are interested in offering donations or pledges to Mrs Brown, contact and the information will be passed on to her.