Christmas safety message sent to Norwich shoppers

Norwich Home Watch volunteers have been handing out crime prevention and safety advice to shoppers.

Group leaders were at the Forum, advising vigilance during the festive period.

But more than that, the group, formerly known as Neighbourhood Watch, were spreading a message of community care and unity.

President of Norwich City Home Watch Association, Baldassare 'Guido' Guidone, a retired restaurant owner from Thorpe St Andrew, said: 'We work together with the police and the community to make it safer, bring it together and lookout for each other. The main message is – as Christmas is coming – be careful who you let in the house, if someone knocks on the door be careful, look out for each other.

'Most of all if you see something suspicious please do not hesitate to contact the police, you are never a nuisance to contact the police, the more the better.

'Look after each other and have a safe Christmas.'

Mr Guidone championed the benefits of starting a home watch group. One of the major benefits, besides knowing your neighbours are looking out for your property, is that through Trading Standards, Home Watch groups can create No Cold Calling Zones.

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Vice-chairman Peter Evans, a retired security worker, said: 'Crime and cold calling goes up at Christmas. Our aim is to bring people together and make our place safer to live. We live in one of the safest areas in England, but we want to make it even safer.'

Mr Guidone added: 'Now with the police there are so many cuts, they need us like we need them, twice as much as before, so we help each other tremendously.'

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