Chris Sutton admits mistake in refusing to play for England B team, at Norwich book-signing

Former Norwich City striker Chris Sutton, pictured, said the 'big regret' of his career was refusing to play for the England B team 13 years ago, which effectively ended his chances of playing again for the national side.

He also said that he was disappointed that former England manager Glenn Hoddle, who was in charge when it happened, had not contributed towards his autobiography 'Paradise and Beyond'.

The former striker who scored 25 Premiership goals for the Canaries in the 1993-94 season and played once for England talked to the Evening News before signing copies of the book for hundreds of fans at Waterstones in Castle Street in Norwich on Saturday.

He said: 'It's a pity Glenn Hoddle did not contribute to my book just to give it a bit of twist, but I don't know why he did not want to.

'The England thing is a big regret. I should not have done it and I really regret it.'

He said that the book pulled no punches, but he had not received any negative feedback from players or managers yet.

'There's been no legal action yet, but I'm self-depracating in the book. I have made a lot of mistakes and have tried to be truthful.

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'I have criticised myself more than anybody. I don't think I've been loose in terms of criticism, and I tried to give my reasoning and admitted to my weaknesses.'

Meanwhile, he did not rule out going back into management, after a stint with Lincoln City, although he said his wife, who had given birth last week, might not be 'mad about it'. He also predicted that Norwich City would survive in the Premier League this season.

'What I like is that Paul Lambert is not frightened to change things. They also have two very interesting wingers in Bennett and Pilkington,' he said.

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