Chris Ramsey review: An evening packed with humorous and relatable stories

Comedian Chris Ramsey. Photo: Supplied by Norwich Playhouse

Comedian Chris Ramsey. Photo: Supplied by Norwich Playhouse - Credit: supplied by Norwich Playhouse

Geordie comedian Chris Ramsey returned to the Playhouse in Norwich last night on The Just Happy To Get Out of the House Tour bringing along fellow comedian and friend Carl Hutchinson to support.

Just after 6pm, following an enthusiastic introduction from Chris Ramsey over the speakers, Carl arrived on stage to start his supporting set. He was met with applause from a sold out crowd who were ready to have a laugh on what was a beautiful and sunny Sunday evening.

Having been on the comedy circuit for 10 years, he radiated confidence from the moment he appeared in front of the audience, oozing natural fluidity and comedic timing – everything and more that you could hope for from a warm up act.

Having hit 30 years old, he told stories of his recent home purchase, giving tips to those that had not yet joined the property ladder, and the effects that this has had on him. This had the audience cracking up as he graphically explained his recent toilet emergency which was a result of having their bathroom redecorated.

Carl's drunken kebab story also had the majority of the audience laughing in agreement as they remembered similar stories from their own nights out on the town.

With a headline tour of his own in 2019, he's definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.

After a short 20 minute interval, the audience returned to the Playhouse, taking their seats ready for Chris Ramsey's headline set.

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As a voice boomed out the speakers beginning the show, he appeared through the door of the giant inflatable house that dominated the stage. He bounded out full of charisma and energy, welcoming the audience of Norwich and thanking everyone for coming down to see him.

He began the show with some crowd interaction, asking some of the people populating the front rows where they were from, and what jobs they do, responding with fast and comedic reactions that had us all in fits - even if it was at the expense of some of the audience.

This interaction filled the start of the set before he moved onto the more scripted section of the evening. Now a family man, with a wife and son, he based his set around the recent undertaking of writing his will.

He used this as the basis to tell humorous stories of his home life, with funny anecdotes about some of the frustrating things his wife does. These included leaving clothes trails everywhere, her love (and his hatred) for the slow cooker and her inability to stack the dishwasher correctly – which he did confirm that she'd given permission for him to talk about.

Moving on to parenthood he spoke of how he wished he could understand the reasons behind the choices his 2-year-old son makes, his interesting way of marking territories and the proud moment in which he saw him stand up to a bully in the soft play area.

Delving into the rather personal story of his father's recent illness, he showed us all how to make the best of a bad situation and how laughter can often be the best medicine. Sometimes you have to find the funny side to situations, even if it might seem impossible - something that helped him through what was one of the most difficult times in his life.

What made the evening so enjoyable was how relatable Chris Ramsey's material is, and how throughout the set he used that to continue to involve the audience and make it seem much more like you were just chatting to a mate down the pub.

It's a show that's definitely worth catching if you can. You are guaranteed an evening packed with humorous, side splitting and relatable stories that will have you leaving the venue with a smile on your face.