Chloe Smith: ‘My simple goals and what I am doing to achieve them’

Chloe Smith at St William's Primary School

Chloe Smith at St William's Primary School - Credit: Archant

In my work, I have some simple goals.

Chloe Smith at the new sensory garden in Waterloo Park

Chloe Smith at the new sensory garden in Waterloo Park - Credit: Archant

I want to see more good jobs coming to Norwich. I want better infrastructure for our city. I work for the investment our NHS needs, and the homes that families need. I'm passionate about getting the best for our young people, and aim to tackle the injustices which hold local people back. I want to protect our environment so Norwich stays a great place to live.

This month, I'm updating you on my work with local schools, improvements to local infrastructure and my support to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping, plus some community news.

It has always been important to me to work with schools and encourage young people stand up for the issues that matter most to them. In April, I welcomed pupils from Heartsease Primary Academy to Westminster, where I joined a Q&A session on my work as an MP. The kids said it was 'unforgettable' and 'inspiring' to 'do things they'd never done before'.

I welcome all local schools to parliament and it's really easy to organise. If your child's school or community group wants to visit, get in touch.

Chloe Smith at the opening of the NDR

Chloe Smith at the opening of the NDR - Credit: Archant

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Back in Norwich, I visited St William's Primary School to help Class 6H out with their studies on animal welfare. We spoke about what can be done in Norwich to protect animals, and what we are doing in parliament to improve animal welfare through new legislation.

As well as supporting mainstream schools, I have visited Catch22 Include Norfolk, a local alternative provision school, that provides full-time, secondary education for 40 young people who have been excluded from their previous school, or who need additional behavioural, emotional or medical support.

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Meeting the staff and pupils of Catch22 was really important for me. I always seek to understand and support the good work that local schools are doing, and that includes all kinds of learning environments. Catch22 supports young people who have had some often really tough school and family situations, and I was grateful to speak to students and learn how the school has helped them.

I want better infrastructure for our city so it is fit for the future. I was proud to help open the major new road to the north of Norwich, delivered by the Conservatives in local and central government. Better transport links means more jobs will come to Norwich. Plus, it will help everyone get about more easily and greenly in the city because traffic will be taken around the outskirts. Arguing for this was one of my very first speeches in Parliament nine years ago!

There is more to do, though. I would like to see the road join the A47 at both ends. What do you think? Take part in Norfolk County Council's consultation on the proposed Norwich Western Link, which would extend the road from the Fakenham Road (A1067) westwards. Here it is:

Homelessness in Norwich is an issue that is concerning to us all, which is why it's good news that more support has just come into force from parliament. The Homelessness Reduction Act, which comes with a £1.2 billion government investment, will offer a more comprehensive approach to tackling homelessness. Local councils including Broadland District Council and Norwich City Council are getting more money to use where it's most needed.

It was great to join in recently with a new community sensory garden in Waterloo Park. Dulcet Gene is a community non-profit group started by a local person from their own family's experience. The idea is to provide free therapeutic interventions for children with various needs. The garden will be free to use, child-friendly, and it will include a free little library. The garden will be looked after by volunteers and the children and families involved in the project. If, like me, you're already enjoying all the family fun at Waterloo Park, this is a lovely addition.

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