Charity swamped with abandoned cats

An animal charity has been swamped with unwanted and abandoned cats and says it has reached 'critical point'.

The RSPCA East Norfolk branch said it is desperate to find new homes for 30 cats currently in its care.

Many have been with the charity for several months.

Last year the branch found homes for 84 cats, but the numbers of unwanted animals are on the increase again.

Now the branch cattery is full to capacity and unable to take in any more animals until space is freed up.

Branch manager Debra Cook said: 'We have more than 30 cats in our care, mainly from the Great Yarmouth area. Most of the cats brought into our care were in need of veterinary attention and had flea allergies, mites and were very underweight, and many of the females are pregnant.

'The situation is that, until we can find new homes for the rehomable cats in our care, any new injured cats which are taken to a vet now have to wait until a space is available – which is not ideal at all.'

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Ms Cook added: 'Why we are seeing so many cats abandoned we just don't know, but we do think the financial climate is having an impact and it appears many people seem to give up their pets when money becomes tight.

'I just hope that once again the people will come forward and offer these poor cats a loving new home. We would urge anyone who is considering getting a cat to take home a rescue cat.'

Among the many cats needing new homes are Catty and Matty who were dumped on the clinic steps in Tar Works Road, Yarmouth, on Friday, May 13, in a small cat carrier with another cat which was named Snowy.

The cats have been neutered and are in good condition. Snowy has since been rehomed but Catty and Matty, who are both males, are still waiting. Matty is two years old and Catty is four. They are happy, friendly cats.

Another two black males were left in a box on the steps of a family house in the Hopton on Sea area on June 26. They were collected by the branch and named Dominic and George. Dominic is extremely timid and semi-long haired, he was so nervous he shook when he was picked up and so frightened he would not move.

They have both now been neutered and are now ready for someone to give them lots of tlc.

Anyone able to offer a home to the cats should contact 0786 7972870 or visit