Charity pub quiz helps efforts to re-open swimming pool at Drayton Junior School

L-R back row: Mollie Brant, Megan Aldridge, Eleanor Scott. L-R front row: Ella Terrington, Chloe Gan

L-R back row: Mollie Brant, Megan Aldridge, Eleanor Scott. L-R front row: Ella Terrington, Chloe Gant, Molly Gant and Alina Adams. - Credit: Archant

A charity quiz helped raise more than £600 towards the cost of re-opening a junior school's swimming pool.

The pool at Drayton Junior School is out of use after the air-exchange system broke, and it will cost around £25,000 to replace.

Staff and students are hoping fundraising and donations from the public will help them to pay for the repairs and even the possibility of a new roof.

Claire Harris, general manager of the Copper Beech pub in Alex Moorhouse Way, Costessey, has a daughter at the school and helped organise a fundraising quiz at the pub.

More than 30 teams entered, and a total of more than £600 was raised.

A chocolate fountain was donated by Heavenly Chocolates, and year six children helped sell raffle tickets.

Ms Harris said: 'Both my children have used this pool and are now missing out on swimming throughout school time.

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'They have also had lessons with Hurricanes swimming club, which is just one of the many clubs affected by the closure of this pool.

'As far as I am concerned, swimming is a life skill that every child should have and to have a pool in our village is a massive privilege.

'Lots of people we know have learned to swim in this pool over the years and we would very much love to see lots more children gaining these skills too.'

She hailed all involved in the fundraising for their support.

The swimming pool opened in 1971 and until its closure it was used by children from 15 different schools and seven swimming clubs, meaning a lot of eager-swimmers are now having to find alternatives.

The Friends Of Drayton Junior School has applied for grant money to help, in addition to fundraising activities.

To donate, either contact the school directly or see