Celebrate a century of scouting in Thorpe St Andrew

1st Thorpe Cub/Scouts with Hazel Addis in about 1918

1st Thorpe Cub/Scouts with Hazel Addis in about 1918 - Credit: Archant

It is a group with has helped to shape so many young lives over the last hundred years - and is now looking forward to the next century.

1st Thorpe Cub/Scouts with Tully Walker

1st Thorpe Cub/Scouts with Tully Walker - Credit: Archant

It was the year of the floods, 1912, which caused much heartache and misery and washed thousands of people out of their homes in Norwich.

But life went on and at Thorpe St Andrew boys had been inspired by a book called Scouting for Boys – an organisation which seemed to offer so much.

A small group of them got together and became registered as the 24th Norwich Scout Group.

That was the beginning of what became the 1st Thorpe Scout Group which has played a leading role in so many lives over the decades and has helped to shape the future of so many youngsters.

And still is.

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Today that group has grown beyond all expectations and developed into one which incorporates Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. One with a long waiting list.

The group not only provides all the usual scouting activities but also offers the chance to sail, pull and paddle as the group owns several boats at Decoy Broad and is recognised by the Royal Navy.

Over the decades the group has moved several times – to Chapel Lane, Thorpe Island (opposite River Green), The Rectory and a boat yard on Girlings Lane.

It wasn't until a local butcher, Mr Thirkettle, sold the land to the group just before the second world war for £100 that it moved to its present location – The Den on Common Lane, just off Yarmouth Road. Various buildings on the site have been used over the years and now a building refurbishment project is almost complete.

To celebrate the opening of the new building and to mark the centenary of the group, a ceremony is taking place at the Den on March 3 and it is hoped that all those with links to the group will come along and join the party.

The new-look HQ will be officially opened by president Tully Walker who has done so much good work in the group over the years.

The group has survived and flourished over the years thanks to the dedicated and determination of volunteers who have devoted so much of their time to make sure the young people get the most out of belonging to the 1st Thorpe Scouts.

'We thought this was a really good opportunity to bring everyone together.

'Not only celebrating the new building but to reflect on the past 100 years and look forward to the next 100 years,' said the chair of the group and the events committee Michelle Applin.

If you would like to go along please get in touch with Michelle on michelle.applin@gmail.com

If you have any memories or photographs of the 1st Thorpe Scouts, also known as the 24th Norwich Scouts, over the years please get in touch with me at derek.james@archant.co.uk or write to me at Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich NR1 1RE.