Cat owner posts bank statement online to prove accusers wrong

peppa vet bills and savannah

Eight-year-old Savannah Baum with her cat Peppa. Savannah's mother was accused online of spending fundraised money on a new car. Insert: Peppa's vet bills and payment confirmation - Credit: Archant/Donna Baber

A woman has posted her bank statement online after being accused of spending donated money on a car.

Francesca Baber had received £1,200 of donations to go towards her cat Peppa's veterinary bills.

Ms Baber, 28, said the accusations were upsetting due to the domino effect they can have. 

Peppa vet bills donna baber

The vet bill and payment confirmation for Peppa's surgery, posted by Donna Baber to defend her daughter, Francesca. - Credit: Donna Baber

"It was started by some people who live near me. They asked how I can afford a new car but not the vet bills. But I don't even drive," said Francesca, from Half Mile Cross.

"But it just takes one comment like that to start people questioning us.

"I was sort of waiting for it. Unhappy people want to create more unhappiness.

"But I wasn't expecting the response the accusations got. I thought people wouldn't believe me but a lot of people were actually standing up for me.

Peppa after the surgery to remove her teeth, funded by kindhearted Evening News readers.

Peppa after the surgery to remove her teeth, funded by kindhearted Evening News readers. - Credit: Francesca Baber

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"I don't need to explain myself to people, especially not to people who just want to cause issues."

Savannah, Francesca's daughter, eight, fell in love with the alley cat but when her mum was told the pet needed £1,200 worth of surgery to remove her teeth, she was worried the kitty would have to go to a shelter. 

But Evening News readers rallied around and funded the surgery via a GoFundMe page. 

Peppa's surgery was completed on December 8 and the cat is now home safe and sound with her family.

Savannah Baum, eight, with her cat Peppa

Savannah Baum, eight, with her cat Peppa - Credit: Francesca Baber

Francesca's mother Donna posted the bank statement and bill on Facebook after receiving the accusations.

Donna said: "I would like to clear up the fact Peppa's vet bill has been paid direct to the Willows Vets Surgery and not spent on a new car as said by some very nasty people trying to spread vile untruths.

"My daughter is being accused of raising money for her cat's operation and spending it supposedly on a car. She doesn’t even drive so that’s hilarious.

"I didn’t feel I had any choice other than to show this wasn’t true and just lies spread by vile cretins. I feel better now that the truth is there in black & white and Peppa is feeling better."