Family find cat abandoned in kitchen cupboard after moving into new home

Mistletoe who was found in the cupboard of a Norwich home by a family moving in is up for adoption.

Mistletoe, which was found in the cupboard of a Norwich home by a family moving in, is up for adoption. - Credit: RSPCA Norwich

A family was left in shock when they moved into their new home and found a cat abandoned in a cupboard.

The black cat was discovered in the kitchen after being left there by the previous owner. 

RSPCA Inspector Amy Pellegrini was called to rescue the animal, on December 17, and named it Mistletoe before transferring it into the care of the charity's North Suffolk branch.

Ms Pellegrini said: "The new homeowners really were not expecting to find a cat in their kitchen cupboard when they moved in, they must have had quite the surprise.

“They were worried as they have dogs of their own and they did not want to frighten Mistletoe any more than she must have been already.

“I named her Mistletoe because she was found just before Christmas." 

The RSPCA is now looking for a loving home for Mistletoe who has been described as "gorgeous".

Anyone wishing to rehome Mistletoe should call Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk RSPCA on 0303 040 1565 or visit its website.