Canary fans’ shock: There’s only two Paul Lamberts

He may not have guided the Canaries to top-flight football next season.

But that has not stopped a Norwich store manager from hearing chants of 'there's only two Paul Lamberts.'

The Roys manager has been creating a stir at the branch in Bowthorpe after a fan mistook him for the Norwich City boss with the same name.

One Canary fan on the Pink'un website forum claimed he rushed to the check-out at the department store when he heard 'Paul Lambert' being announced over the Tannoy.

Meanwhile, the store manager has also witnessed the name mix-up first hand when Canary fans appeared at a charity event because his name was listed as a guest speaker. But the store worker, who has no hint of a Scottish accent, has taken it in his stride claiming he does not mind the association – despite being a Nottingham Forest supporter.

He said: 'I usually get asked to speak to groups on behalf of the company and there was this one time where they put on the bill 'guest speaker Paul Lambert'. Afterwards the organisers had told me that a lot more men had turned up than usual because they had mistaken me for the Norwich City manager.

'It is worse though if we get a Norwich City player come into the store because the staff all shout 'there's only two Paul Lamberts'.

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But the confusion with the Canaries gaffer has not stopped the Roys boss from heaping praise on his namesake.

He continued: 'I think he has done a brilliant job this season. It have given people a lift around the county. You have to give the man credit for what he has achieved.

'And if he ever fancies a day off next season, then I would be more than happy to step into his shoes.'

Mr Lambert has spent 15 years working at Roys stores throughout the county after joining the Dereham branch as a trainee.

Since then, he has gone on to spend three years as the manager of the Bowthorpe branch.

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