Can you name the Norwich football team of 1907?

The story of how your old postcards raise money for deaf children in Norfolk and how your help is needed to name the trophy winners.

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Several years ago now I asked you to send me your old picture postcards. The idea was to raise money for the Norfolk Deaf Children's Society.

Over the years you have kept me supplied with a regular flow of cards, old and new.

Those cards have now raised an astonishing �17,974.79p, money which goes into the special equipment fund to help make life a little easier for the children.

I hand your cards over to Sylvia and Michael Porter who sell them to collectors in Norwich, Norfolk the rest of the country and across the world.

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They have raised tens of thousands of pounds for the society over the years and at the recent fair organised in Norfolk by the Norfolk Postcard Club, your cards made another �325.06p.

'We can't thank the readers of the Evening News enough. They are so generous,' said Michael.

Think of a subject, think of a country and the chances are that someone, somewhere will want your card so please, keep sending them by way so we can carry on helping deaf children in Norfolk.

The equipment they can use is now better than ever but it doesn't come cheap. New technology.

Postcards are a window on a lost world and the early ones give a real insight into what life was like a century or so ago.

<t>The rare card I am showing you today is part of a private collection and the owner hopes someone can shed some light on it.

It is a glorious example of high-tech wizardry more than a century ago. Can you spot anything unusual about it?

There are a couple of lads who must have been handy at heading the ball. Their heads are slightly larger than the rest!

There were probably late for the team shot but the photographer weaved his magic wand over the postcard.

The card comes from Chris Mawson who lives at Eye in Suffolk and it was sent to his grandmother in Norwich way back in 1907.

'The photograph was taken by Wilkinson of Norwich. One naturally assumes it shows Norwich City FC but I've been told it isn't then,' said Chris.

'It cannot be a minor team, judging by from the apparent enormity of the silverware the team is showing off,' he added.

They are certainly a smart bunch of lads.

<t> If you know more about them or the team please get in touch at or drop me a line at Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich, NR1 1RE.

<t> Watch this space for another card from 1907. This one does feature the Norwich City team featuring the remarkable Tommy Allsopp.