Can you give these Norfolk pets a new home?

These 12 friendly pets are looking for a fresh home and a fresh start in the new year.

Pact animal sanctuary, in Woodrising, near Hingham, is looking for families to give new homes to each of these animals.

The charity has a policy which means it does not rehome animals during December as it does not believe that a Christmas household is a suitable environment for a new pet.

But now it is looking for new homes for this dozen plus more.

The charity currently has more than 100 cats and has a waiting list of 60 cats waiting to come in - some will have to be put down, same with dogs, if they cannot accommodate them.

Sophie Keeney, farm manager, said: 'We are turning away a lot of animals every day and the more we can find good homes, the more we can save.

'We want to see these animals go into permanent homes for the rest of their lives, they would all make great pets and we would urge anyone who is thinking of getting a pet to think about rescuing rather than buying new and give a cat or dog looking for a home a second chance.'

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All of the charity's animals are neutered and vaccinated before they leave and they carry out home checks for all animals.

Anyone interested in any of these animals, should call Pact on 01362 820775.

Bonnie is a black, tan and white two year old Rottweiler cross. She is a lovely dog who would suit a family with teenagers as she has lots of energy. She is very loyal.

Rudi is a black and white collie cross lurcher and is one years old. He is really friendly, has a lovable nature and is good with dogs and people. He came in as result of marriage spilt and is looking for an adult only home with an owner who has time to take on a younger dog.

Finn is a black former racing greyhound who came over from Ireland. He is three years old, really friendly and affectionate. He is great with people and good with bigger dogs but not cats.

Max and Bertie are best friends. Max is a nine year old Rottweiler who is really loving and is looking for a comfy bed to spend the rest of his days. Bertie a Westie cross Jack Russell who is four years old and a cheeky, friendly chap who loves walks. These two need to find a home together.

Samson is a three year old male tabby who is friendly and looking for a loving home on quiet roads.

Five year old Lizzie is a black female who is really friendly and loves people. She is on a special diet.

Tabby brother and sister Joey and Diva are eight months old. Joey is partially sighted. Both are well loving and friendly cats.

Smokey is a two year old long haired grey male. He is a sweet, handsome cat who is good with other cats.

One year old Horace is a pure white male. He came in with large rescue last year and is looking to live with a neutered female friend.

Dave is a lionhead cross who is about three years old. He was found dumped in a transport yard. He had pneumonia on arrival but has recovered well and is very friendly.

Thumper is a black and white lop rabbit and Bonny is a caramel lionhead. They are brother and sister and one years old. They were bought as Easter presents last year then became unwanted. They need to stay together.

Frankie is a male albino ferret who is three years old. He is a really friendly and cheeky chap who needs home with other neutered ferrets.