Can you give a rescue dog a home?

Meet the residents of Meadowgreen. A safe place, full of love, for dogs who are looking for a new home.

There aren't many bad dogs around – just bad owners. People, who for one reason or other, should never own a dog.

We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers, yet the way a tiny minority of people treat our four-legged friends is a national disgrace.

Dogs deserve better. They can be our eyes and our ears. They can be our guardians. They can be our best friends. They can make us laugh – and cry. And yet we continue to use and abuse them.

The dogs featured on this page today live at the Meadowgreen Dog Rescue Centre at Loddon, which does wonderful work.

For these dogs it is a safe place full of love.

The centre recently held its annual sponsored dog walk to raise money so its vital work can continue. Evening News readers responded to my appeal for walkers so well that each of the 32 dogs at the centre had its own walker.

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And here are some of the walkers celebrating with a jubilee cup cake along with Reuben, a proud lad in his Union flag bandana. The other photographs, taken by John Cottrell, are of Charlie, Max and Millie (with Frances Diamond), all of whom are looking for a home.

MeadowGreen, at Hales Green, Wash lane, Loddon, is a family run, privately owned, non-charity funded centre for helping and homing rescue dogs.

They have dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages. Most would make ideal family pets.

The centre has been established for 15 years and has been under new ownership since the summer of 2004. Last year it rehomed more than 100 dogs. It has 42 kennels, which are full most of the time.

One way you can help is by giving your time – the centre is always looking for help with walking the dogs, mowing the grass and generally lending a hand. They have some lovely surrounding fields where you can walk the dogs between 11am and 2pm.

If you can help in any way, or would like to talk to someone about the possibility of giving a dog a loving home, click on, or call 01508 548216 for more information.

Cherie Williams and her mum and dad, Susan and James Coots run Meadowgreen – very much a family enterprise.

Michele Neve of Norwich said: 'Rescues are no different to other dogs, they simply need a chance, and Meadowgreen never give up. As a Staffie owner myself, I love the fact that Staffies are welcome – but it is not so everywhere.

'I was recently involved in finding a home for a long-term 'guest' who had been at Meadowgreen for nearly two years.

'This lovely little Staffie went home with her new owners, made herself comfortable in front of the fire and is now the love of their lives.

'As these people said: 'They must be doing something right at Meadowgreen,'' added Michele.