Calls for action over rise in attacks by dangerous dogs in Norwich

Calls are being made for dog owners to be forced to keep their pets on leads in areas of Norwich where other animals or people have been attacked.

It comes after a spate of dog attacks in the city with hospital admissions from dog bites also on the rise locally and nationally.

As reported, an Old Catton woman needed 47 stitches in her arm following an attack by a neighbour's rottweiler-cross dog, and a nine-year-old boy suffered serious injuries to his right arm and underwent a two-hour operation after he was attacked by a dog.

Norwich South MP Simon Wright, pictured, has raised the issue in a parliamentary debate on dangerous dogs, calling on local authorities and the government to take further action.

And the Liberal Democrats on the city council are now set to call on the Labour administration to introduce dog control orders to force dog owners to keep their pets on leads in areas of Norwich where other animals or people have been attacked.

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James Wright, deputy group leader of the Liberal Democrats on the council, said: 'In recent weeks we have seen a number of vicious dog attacks in Norwich, including on a young boy.

'There is a need for proportionate and preventative action to tackle this threat.

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'The council has the power to introduce an order that would require dogs to be kept on leads in areas where there are established problems.

'As responsible owners know, these problems are usually caused by poor and irresponsible dog ownership rather than anything inherently dangerous about the dog.'

The full council meeting takes place on Tuesday, September 27 at City Hall.

Has your pet been attacked? Call reporter David Bale on 01603 772427 or email

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