Calling all Mottershaw’s.

Members of the Mottershaw clan have been getting together in Norwich - and would love to hear from more family members.

They gathered from across this country and aboard to meet up for the first time in Norwich...members of the Mottershaw clan.

And if the name rings a bell in your family history - then this could be meet the relatives time.

Five generations headed for The Queen of Icenci at Riverside for a grand family reunion.

They arrived in the city from Spain, Cumbria, London and Ipswich for the party. People of all ages and from all walks of life.

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And now they have asked if I help them in their efforts to track down more members of the clan and perhaps shed some more light of this grand old picture.

Marion Giles tells me that she and her cousin Anna Sutton have recently been reunited after 50 years and this has sparked an interest in researching their family history.

Anna now lives in Almeria, Southern Spain, where she moved ten years ago but she is Norwich born and bred.

Marion comes from Cumbria but her mother Violet Taylor was a Norwich girl.

'Our grandmother Hannah Taylor, nee Mottershaw, died quite young and left two small children who were fostered out to great aunts and separated from an early age,' said Marion.

Their great grandfather Samuel Mottershaw worked as a printer with Eastern Counties Newspapers (now Archant). He received a clock to mark his retirement is thought to have died aged 91 in 1947. His son Fred also followed in his father's footsteps becoming a printer.

Five generations of the family, some for the very first time, for such a happy reunion in Norwich. They had so much catching up to do - exchanging family photographs and stories.

'We had such a lovely time that we are arranging to make it an annual event and we will be keeping in touch from now on,' said Marion.

One lovely old picture which has emerged is this one which looks like some kind of outing. Former Eastern Counties Newspaper printer Sam Mottershaw, along with his wife Fanny Simpson, is on the picture along with their daughter Annie, her husband William Carey, Fred Mottershaw and Danny's youngest son.

'Perhaps your readers can help with more information,' said Marion who can be reached on