Call to stage auditions in Hopton

Potters Leisure Resort, in Hopton, near Great Yarmouth, is looking for fresh talent to join its team of performers who entertain guests 365 nights a year.

On Sunday January 30, Potters will be opening its doors for auditions from singers, musicians, comedians or speciality acts of all ages.

The venue will be the resort's Zest rooms with auditions taking place from 10am to 4pm.

Successful participants will be shortlisted for a second round of auditions before the final decision is made on who has made it into the team.

A spokesman for Potters Leisure Resort said the theatre company took immense pride in its management of the entire creative process – from conception to performance.

And previous company members included some of the best performers working in the West End today including Wicked star Kerry Ellis and Lee Mead who won the popular BBC Saturday night show to find the new Joseph.