Caister Haven staff set new Guiness World records!

WORKERS at a holiday park enjoyed a team bonding day with a difference and set three Guinness World records.

Staff at Haven Caister Holiday Park spent a day and a half practicing and preparing before attempting six world records, three of which they smashed.

The team tried to set the records for the fastest time to put 10 pairs of gloves on to one hand, the fastest time to butter 10 slices of bread, the most eggs crushed with the head in 30 seconds, the most pairs of gloves worn on one hand, the longest duration for Malteser blowing and the furthest distance to flick a coin.

Manager Gary Cook said: 'It was about having a team building day and doing something different. It was a big surprise. I chose random records which were low cost and didn't involve a multitude of people.

'When we started practicing we found it very difficult. The world record for flipping a coin was 39ft and people were getting minus one and the coins were landing behind us.'

An independent adjudicator watched the teams during their record attempt at the holiday park, and subject to verification, records were set by Paul Delmaine for the most gloves on one hand with a total of 36, fastest time to put 10 gloves on one hand by Matt Fincham with a time of 43 seconds, while Simon Davis managed to butter 10 slices of bread in 44 seconds.