Buy of the day: Rose oil

The rose scent is a favourite with celebrity Sadie Frost, but here at Life Matters we love Tisserand Rose Absolute in organic Jojoba as it can be used for a range of uses.

It's said to be a beauty must-have for celebrity Sadie Frost and here at Life Matters we have to agree. Not only is Tisserand Rose Absolute an essential oil that is said to nuture and balance emotions when used as a massage oil, it also gives your skin an intense floral aroma when used as a fragrance.

To make your own perfume at home put 20ml (four teaspoons) of jojoba oil into a glass bottle. Add two drops of Rose Absolute, two drops of Geranium and six drops of Lemon. Shake and apply to your wrists and behind your ears. If you have sensitive skin it is recommended that you reduce the number of drops of essential oil by half and add to the same 20ml of jojoba.

Tisserand Rose Absolute is available at Jarrolds and Rainbow Wholefoods priced �7.25.

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