Buy of the day: Orange maxi skirt

Think you cannot wear this season's orange hue? Think again. Orange is easier to wear than you think.

The colour for this season is the warm and zesty shade of orange, but not all of you are celebrating this news. The colour brightened up the catwalks featuring the spring and summer collections, but when it comes to actually wearing orange many of you think that the colour will make you look pale, pasty and well just a little bit 'tangoed'.

With many different shades of orange available on the high street you can find a tone that suits you. If you are brave go for neon orange, for blondes and red heads go for a pastel tangerine and if you are a brunette or have a yellow tinge to your skin tone the brighter orange or warm rust colours will suit you.

If you are still unsure why not just add a splash of orange to your look by investing in a bag or pair of shoes. Or you can wear orange on the lower half of your body so that the colour is not next to your face.

Life Matters loves this orange maxi skirt, �29.50 from Evans and Outfit. Wear it with a fitted cotton tee or top if you are top heavy or this season's peasant blouse tucked in with a belt if you want to go for the folklore look.