Buskers on song with city tribute

Peter WalshThe He Hew's, a five-piece band of buskers who have been entertaining crowds outside a historic Norwich store for more than half-a-century, have released a record in tribute to the city.Peter Walsh

A band which has been busking outside an historic Norwich store for more than half-a-century has released a record in tribute to this fine city.

The He Hew's, a five piece busking band, was playing outside Jarrolds, on London Street, last Saturday as they had been for the past quarter of a century.

Shoppers and families who gathered in their droves to watch the band would have been able to hear numbers from their new record Up the City, including Madness, City Cruise, and So You Win Again.

The album, which has been brought out to commemorate their 25th anniversary of playing on the streets, is also a tribute to Norwich and the support they have received from the city over the years.

Chris Dickerson, band leader, vocalist, and banjo strummer, said: 'The title is a tribute to Norwich. We wanted to thank the city for supporting us over the years. We have played all over the world but Norwich is always home for us.'

Formed out of the band, Roxy's Toolbox, they have become part of Norwich Folklore, entertaining the shoppers for more than two decades.

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In that time they have achieved notoriety with shoppers and passers-by and have not only been able to stop people in their tracks, but have even had crowds gathering before they even arrived to set up.

Making up the He Hew's, with Mr Dickerson, are Ian Walker, bass; Tom Harris, trombone, keyboards; Trevor Roland, saxophone; and John Clarke, on drums.

t The He Hew's are outside Jarrolds most Saturday mornings. To find out more about the band or the CD visit: www.the hehews.com