Meet the bike delivery firm beating the fuel shortage

Zedify staff getting set for a delivery of beer boxes.

Zedify staff getting set for a delivery of beer boxes. - Credit: Richard Jennings

The fuel shortages have impacted people across the city and beyond.

But one delivery company which managed to steer clear of most of the disruption is Zedify.

Zedify riders are often spotted around the city and ride electric cargo bikes. 

The team also use hyper-local hubs to help reduce congestion and pollution.

The businesses' aim is to make urban areas better and more attractive places to live and work.

Richard Jennings, managing director of Norwich's Zedify branch, said: "We've been fortunate given the nature of the business that we have been able to continue to deliver to our customers.

Richard Jennings, Managing Director of Norwich's Zedify branch

Richard Jennings is the managing director of Norwich's Zedify branch. - Credit: Richard Jennings

"However, as a result of the queues for fuel, some journeys have been delayed and alternative routes have been taken.

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"We remain determined to be there for our customers no matter the circumstance."

Established in 2018, Zedify is a licenced network of independent zero emission delivery operators with a shared technology platform. 

The system means that every day routes are optimised depending on traffic - so when queues were forming drivers could quickly whizz along another route.

This means that on average deliveries are made as quickly and efficiently as possible - and more sustainably.

The supply chain is managed through barcode scanning.

Digital proof of delivery capture provides end-to-end tracking and client login means deliveries can be booked and tracked and reports accessed directly.

A Zedify worker delivering close to Norwich Cathedral. 

A Zedify worker delivering close to Norwich Cathedral. - Credit: Richard Jennings

For Mr Jennings, ensuring that his business offers a reliable service for customers while also supporting its staff is essential particularly after the challenges of the Covid pandemic.

He said: "We always strive to put the customer first and have a commitment to deliver on time.

"Covid was challenging for everyone but we coped well. While we did lose some work, we ensured we were flexible and explored different avenues to ensure we didn't lose out.

"The pandemic taught us to be flexible and adapt quickly. Ultimately, we have to ensure we have enough work to support our riders."

To find out more about Zedify and its services, click here.