Multi-million buyout sees 80 new tech jobs bought to the region

Josh Davies, CEO and founder of FXHOME, with their new product for the film maker, HITFILM 3 Pro. Pi

Josh Davies, CEO and founder of FXHOME, with their new product for the film maker, HITFILM 3 Pro. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2015

A tech company is set to bring up to 80 new jobs to the region following an acquisition worth tens of millions of pounds. 

FXhome, which develops software for young filmmakers working across the likes of YouTube and TikTok, has been purchased by Israeli-based company Artlist. 

Founder Joshua Davies said the company will now look to expand by at least three times the size, reaching around 60 million users in conjunction with Artlist within the next four years. 

Mr Davies, who saw his company turn 20 years old in March, said the focus of the business is expansion while maintaining the Norwich company's culture: "We're currently a team of about 30 with all of our contractors added in, and we'll be recruiting between 60 and 80 really high level, highly skilled jobs in the coming months. 

"We've got really good connections with the Universities nearby but we'd like to start looking further afield and recruiting talent from Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge as well. We're really keen on supporting and development talent here in this part of the world.  

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"We've had approaches for acquisitions before but the culture of the companies never seemed quite right. Artlist from the get-go really fit with how our company operates. A lot of the time with expansions you bring in a lot of people and it changes the feel of a place but because of the nature of what we do - working with young creatives - it immediately gives everyone a common goal." 

Mr Davies added that the likes of TikTok saw the business work with six times the number of customers in the past year than in the ones previously. 

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Mr Davies said: "When we launched there were filmmakers, there were editors, there were producers. Everyone had a very set-out role. The majority of people we work with now are teenagers and young people who just define themselves as creatives. 

"They have a vision of what they want to make and we just try and make it happen. With Artlist now acting as our 'big brother' we'll be able to continue that work and reach more people with our products and service at an accessible price."

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