Fired twice in two months: Events boss feels the pain of Covid

woman long blonde hair

Reanne Brown, who has lost two jobs in two months because of Covid. - Credit: Archant

A Norfolk manager has issued a 'second cry for help' after losing two jobs in two months because of coronavirus.

characters from Scooby Doo at Universal studios

Reanne Brown as Daphne in Scooby Doo at the Universal Studios, US. - Credit: Archant

Reanne Brown, 30, from Costessey, who once played Daphne from Scooby Doo at the Universal studios in the US, lost her job as events and sales manager at Vodka Revolution in Norwich in November.

After that, she picked herself up and made a video on LinkedIn appealing for work which was so successful, she received several job offers.

As a result, she took a role of a marketing and events manager with a Norwich-based firm owning a number of hospitality venues but heard this week she was being axed.

woman with long blonde hair

Reanne Brown - Credit: Reanne Brown

Trying to remain positive, Ms Brown made another video which she's posted again on LinkedIn. In this, she said: "Unfortunately I was told yesterday I have to be let go. I didn’t qualify for the furlough scheme as I started after Oct 30.

"I find myself in the same situation as I was before. It is very disheartening and I am trying to stay positive in such an unknown time. This is my second cry for help so I’m hoping someone out there has a position to fit me and which I can remain in."

Ms Brown said: "I really don't know what I'm going to do, I have my rent to pay, all my bills, my council tax has gone up. I have a car to pay for and a loan." 

woman in white dress in field

Reanne Brown, in her modelling days, who cannot find a job because of Covid. - Credit: Reanne Brown

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Ms Brown's former boss Marcus Pearcey, who runs the Blofield Farm shop, the Oak Bar and Terrace and recently took over the East Hills restaurant, Brundall marina, said he was sorry to have to let her go.

"When I took her on, I thought we'd be back up and running in January. However, if Reanne is still in the labour market when we open up again, we would snap her up."

Katrina Massingham, director of Technique Recruitment Solutions, Attlebridge, said: "We have been fortunate in being able to offer opportunities to candidates within key food/medical manufacturing and engineering sectors but the job market is very challenging. 

"We are noticing an influx of skilled candidates from the highly affected sectors (hospitality and retail) who are looking to diversify their skills. Unfortunately many are finding it difficult due to the current large volume of applications being received."

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