Bento box Indian takeaway to launch in Norwich

Swapnil Pradhan and his wife Maithily

Swapnil Pradhan and his wife Maithily have launched Waaghoba in Colman Road. - Credit: Swapnil Pradhan

A new Indian takeaway is aiming to do away with greasy, unhealthy curries with the launch of bento boxes packed with authentic dishes. 

Swapnil Pradhan and his wife Maithily have launched Waaghoba in Colman Road, which will be selling bento box-style takeaways. 

Each bento box comes with a mixture of curry, rice and sides, with the aim being to reduce waste and make the products more affordable. 

Waaghoba curries

Family recipes will be on the menu at Waaghoba - Credit: Waaghoba

Mr Pradhan said: "Back home in Mumbai this idea of having a bit of everything is very much the norm. Over here you see people ordering a massive takeaway and then they have loads left over, which isn't great for food wastage and also makes it unnecessarily expensive.

"The recipes we'll be using are all passed down either through my family or my wife's. I think there's a misconception that Indian curries are oily and bad for your health - if people are watching what they're eating they're more likely to suggest a Thai curry instead of an Indian. 

Waaghoba curry

Waaghoba will sell healthy curries - Credit: Waaghoba

"Traditional curries aren't heavy - they should be just as good for you as any other curry. I don't want this to just be another Indian takeaway - it's going to be proper Indian dishes and recipes with spices ground on site. 

"I will be doing most of the cooking myself, as well as my wife when she can help, and we'll have a couple of other helping hands as well."

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The father-of-two added that he believes the butter chicken dish will be the most popular initially but over time the Bombay fish curry will take over. 

"There aren't many places I've seen which do a proper, quality fish curry. I know people here like their fish so I think that will end up being our signature dish that we're really known for," he said. 

Waaghoba curries

Waaghoba will serve their dishes in bento box style - Credit: Waaghoba

Having spent around £20,000 on the site Mr Pradhan is planning to launch on June 23. 

He said: "Currently we're finishing off the renovation processes and they'll we'll be ready to launch for trade. We just can't wait to get started."