New vinyl record store to open in city

Venus Vinyl will move in alongside Quanstrom Studio in Norwich

Venus Vinyl will move in alongside Quanstrom Studio in Norwich - Credit: Venus Vinyl/Quanstrom Studio

A vinyl record store will be opening in Magdalen Street in April, with plans to sell craft ale in the summer. 

Venus Vinyl will be moving into Quanstrom Studio - an independent furniture store - and the two businesses will operate the site as a joint venture. 

Plans are currently in place to open on April 16 for a soft opening, with craft ales from around the county and beyond on sale further down the line.

The record company is owned by Benjamin Venus, who explained: "I started Venus Vinyl about seven years ago when I had a stall on Broadway Market in London. I used to turn up with the records on a bike trailer and I'd sell them from there. 

"During the pandemic I decided to work on the business online full-time. That's when I got a call from Daniel Quanstrom who I've been friends with for years.

"We got chatting and realised we could sell vinyls as well as his furniture, so I decided to make the move up to Norwich. 

"I only sell new records - that's not to say it's not older music but they're not second hand - and I thought there was an opportunity in Norwich.

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"There are some great vinyl shops in Norwich which I've visited many times over the years and all of them have a bit more of a specialism. 

"We'll be selling all sorts - in my opinion good music is good music, it doesn't matter when it was made or what genre it is."

He added: "We also want to sell a few craft beers so people can have a drink while they wander around the store - I feel like people buying vinyls probably like craft beers too. I don't know if we'll be doing that straight away but in due course we'll have a bit of a bench or seating outside for people to relax on."

Mr Venus plans on opening the store from 11am to 7pm daily at its site in 136 Magdalen Street. 

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