New BBQ takeaway set to open in Norwich

Andy Davis, owner Take Thai, is set to open a new takeaway called the Norwich Smokehouse off Aylsham Road

Andy Davis, owner Take Thai, is set to open a new takeaway called the Norwich Smokehouse off Aylsham Road on Tuesday September 28. - Credit: Andy Davis

The owner of a Norwich-based Thai takeaway is set to try his hand at a different cuisine, with the opening of a new BBQ smokehouse for meat lovers. 

Andy Davis, owner of Take Thai on Dereham Road, has around 16-years of experience in the restaurant and takeaway industry – specialising in authentic Asian flavours. 

But now he is swapping Pad Thai for pulled pork and other juicy BBQed meats, all of which can be brought to your door. 

The new takeaway will open in Aylsham Crescent, off Aylsham Road, on Tuesday September 28.

He said: “Even though I'm passionate and knowledgeable on Thai food and the culture, I have always been passionate about other foods too. 

“I have been into smoked food for a while and I have spent a lot of time in South America. 

“But I don’t want it to be do your typical BBQ or burger takeaway or restaurant with coleslaw, ribs and curly fries. I want to bring something different.” 

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Norwich Smokehouse will be open Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm until 10.30pm and Sunday 2pm until 10.30pm. 

In the run-up to its launch, Mr Davis and his chef are working hard to perfect their recipes and menu.  

This includes pre-treating and slow-cooking food in their wood and coal fired oven, to create food which is “flavoursome and rich”. 

He added: “The theme is smokehouse with subtle influences from different places, like the Caribbean and South America. 

“Some of our meats will be cooking for about 40 hours — it’s a hell of a long process. 

“The chef and I have been working like mad and we have been playing around with lots of different ideas. Our side dishes will be things that have all of the flavour, but haven't got the stodge.” 

He continued: “I’m feeling the same energy when I first opened Take Thai. I'm nervous and anxious but in a good way. 

“We know we are going to start with something pretty special and we will fine tune it when we open.”