Sisters see three hour queues as customers go mad for milkshakes

Sisters Leanne and Nichola and their mobile business 'The Shake Pit'

Leanne Hutchings and Nicola Gillies with their mobile milkshake unit - Credit: Leanne Hutchings

Two sisters running a mobile milkshake unit have seen three hour queues for their drinks and are already eyeing up permanent premises.

The Shake Pit launched in a mobile unit at the start of the month. 

But already sisters Leanne Hutchings and Nicola Gillies are run off their feet with orders on their drinks roadshow around the city. 

Leanne said: "It has been so good we just can't believe it. We ran into a few problems at the start but now we are running full days and weeks and it's been really popular popular.” 

The pair have many different flavours to choose from but their most popular flavours so far have been bonkers banoffee and bubblegum madness.  

The Shake Pit's most popular shake 'Bonkers Banoffee'

The Shake Pit's most popular shake bonkers banoffee - Credit: Leanne Hutchings

“We have already started work on some new flavours. We released a strawberry cheesecake one recently and have been working on some secret Christmas flavours which will be announced soon,” she added.  

Leanne is the mind behind the milkshakes.  

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She said: “I used to make them a lot for my partner and they were always popular within our friends and family.” 

Both Leanne and her sister Nicola had always wanted to go into business together and had talked about all different ideas throughout the years.  

The Shake Pit's Oreo Express shake. 

The Shake Pit's oreo express shake. - Credit: Leanne Hutchings

But on the first day the Shake Pit was open they knew their dreams were set to become a reality. 

Leanne said: “We had been to Cringleford on our first day, as soon as schools finished, we suddenly had a three hour queue, it was amazing.  

“We managed to get through the queue and everyone loved their drinks.” 

More recently, the sisters have been discussing a shop for their future.  

The Shake Pit's Bubblegum Madness

The Shake Pit's bubblegum madness - Credit: Leanne Hutchings

“We would love to work towards having our own shop and maybe even multiple shops in the future," Leanne said.  

“For now, we are going to keep finding new locations, we want to eventually be available everywhere so that everyone can try our drinks.  

“We have proven that we are popular enough to be able to keep a shop afloat.” 

The sisters will continue their tour around Norwich and you can find out where they'll be popping up next by following them on facebook.

The Shake Pit's strawberry cheesecake shake.

The Shake Pit's strawberry cheesecake shake. - Credit: Leanne Hutchings