Affordable, high quality retro furniture store coming to city

Laura Budds with her vintage pieces

Laura Budds is opening Norfolk Retro in Norwich - Credit: Norfolk Retro/Instagram

A new vintage furniture shop specialising in good quality, affordable pieces is set to open in Norwich. 

Norfolk Retro was launched by former teacher Laura Budds two and a half years ago, who decided to take the business on full time after being run off her feet with online sales. 

Now the brand, which has previously made the majority of its sales via Instagram, is going to open its first bricks-and-mortar store in Norwich's St Augustine's Street. 

Norfolk Retro is opening in St Augustines Street 

Norfolk Retro is opening in St Augustines Street - Credit: Norfolk Retro/Instagram

The retailer, which was named in the top 11 Instagram furniture retailers by magazine Elle, will open in the former the Drawing Room site at the start of September. 

Ms Budds said: "What people can expect from the shop is really high quality, timeless items at an affordable price - that's always been a priority for me. I don't really do the shabby chic look as I want people to be able to place the pieces in their home, look good straight away and remain timeless. 

"I also don't want to put a massive mark up on the pieces so it's still accessible. It's not charity shop prices because of the quality of the pieces I source, but it's a level above that as opposed to the sky-high prices you see other places retailing at."

Unlike her Instagram offering the shop will sell smaller items which people can pick up and take home on the day. 

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"Instead of the big items like sideboards I sell on Instagram there will be smaller bits like vintage arts and ceramics, magazine racks, armchairs, that sort of thing. 

A Norfolk Retro piece

A Norfolk Retro piece - Credit: Norfolk Retro/Instagram

"Because I'm a bit smaller I'm hoping I can help customers source the pieces they're after. The larger places can be a bit overwhelming and don't tend to have services like that so I'm hoping it sets us apart a bit," she added. 

Norfolk Retro will be selling vintage pieces

Norfolk Retro will be selling vintage pieces - Credit: Norfolk Retro/Instagram

And a boom in demand in lockdown gave her the confidence she needed to take on a unit.

She said: "During lockdown demand was crazy because so many people were updating their homes. Vintage coffee tables were like hen's teeth - everyone was after one. Armchairs were also really popular. 

"It has calmed down a bit but it's still difficult to source them." 

Norfolk Retro will be opening in September

Norfolk Retro will be opening in September - Credit: Norfolk Retro/Instagram