'Artisan-style' cafe set to open in city after £200,000 investment

Zafar Aslandok (inset) is set to open a new venture, Aslan, in the city centre

Zafar Aslandok (inset) is set to open a new venture, Aslan, in the city centre - Credit: Zafar Aslandok/Archant

A derelict city shop is set to get a new lease of life with new tenants in place - set to open their doors as early as February. 

The Aslan is an artisan cafe earmarked to move into the former Evans shop in Red Lion Street. 

It is the second project from owner Zafar Aslandok who previously worked on the launch of Salls Lokma in the Prince of Wales Road. 

Sall's Lokma, which sells gourmet burgers, is set to open off Prince of Wales Road in Norwich in Jul

Salls Lokma in Prince of Wales Road - Credit: Archant

The entrepreneur has so far invested £200,000 into the venture with a quarter of his budget spent so far. 

He said: "We want to create a small artisan-style cafe in the area.

"It will provide not only great cuisines but it will also be a meeting point for people in the city.

"Of course, it can also simply be a spot where people can come and just watch the world go by while having a drink with friends or family."

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He added: "We are working with a highly-qualified barrister who will help us develop a menu consisting of homemade cakes, desserts and sandwiches to name but a few.

"However for the moment we are keeping the majority of the menu under wraps until it is all finished and we can do a grand reveal."

As well as a food menu the cafe will also offer a range of drinks from herbal teas to coffees and detox beverages. 

He added: "We want to include healthy options on our menu which are vibrant and artistic in design to try and cater to everyone."

On the location, he said: "You go to Red Lion Street and there's mostly fast-food places but there are really beautiful old buildings in that area.

"We want to keep that same rustic character along the street and have it in-keeping with the surrounding buildings by exposing some of brick work."

He said he was keen for the business to "blend in with the rest of the area's aesthetic". 

And now Zafer is on the hunt for four members of staff to man the venue. 

He added: "The council have been really helpful with us, supporting our plans and ideas.

"After presenting the visual concepts I hope they see that this would be an amazing asset to have in the town centre."